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the most engaged and verbal my kids have been in discussion in my twenty years!"

Brenda Russell, Children and Family Educator

the most innovative and value-driven curriculum experience imaginable, inviting kids into a deeper conversation about life and kindness."

Matt Guevara, INCM, Executive Director

A Book Club curriculum that truly speaks to the 21st century child 


A Harry Moon Book Club is a place for kids to read and discuss about some of life’s most challenging questions in a safe environment, where good triumphs over evil and the opportunity for children to talk about things that matter is a priority. 


What’s so special about Harry Moon?

A lot! It's wholesome, value-based, and innovative. Where will you find a kid role model who will teach your kids to look for their purpose, respect nature, help their fellow schoolmates, befriend their enemies, honor their body, not label people too quickly, seek wisdom from their elders, guide younger kids, control their passion, remain curious and love their moms? Nowhere, but in Harry Moon Wand-Paper-Scissors.  

Based on the bestselling Harry Moon books from Rabbit Publishers, the Wand-Paper-Scissors study guide will help your students: 

  • Discover right and wrong inside a 21st century story   
  • Find answers to some of life’s most challenging questions  
  • Develop critical reading and listening skills

Absolutely nothing like it

This five session, literary-based curriculum inspires kids to read and interpret the Harry Moon's Wand-Paper-Scissors using a shared questions method of discussion. They explore those ideas via The Amazing Imaginator Activator— an interactive journal where every kid is given a voice. In this journal,  your students will explore provocative questions about Wand-Paper-Scissors and about life in general. It's a place where kids can explore the deep themes of Harry Moon and also have some extra fun. 

If you would like more details about the curriculum, we would love to chat! Call us at 800-255-3237.


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What are people saying about harry moon?

“I like how we have to use our imaginations.” –Abby R.

“Harry Moon doesn’t talk down to children. It honors their intelligence and encourages curiosity. What an important book for a child to read and discuss.” –Leslie Thornton, Colorado 

“I like being with a group of kids that like to use their imaginations and the Imaginator Activator was way cool.” –Ella S.


"The Harry Moon Book Club is the most innovative and value-driven curriculum experience imaginable, inviting kids into a deeper conversation about life and kindness. The interactive discussions, leader guidebooks and personal journals work in every environment you can think of - one-on-one conversations, small groups, middle school events, and kid retreats. Any teacher interested in connecting with kids about things that matter - your wait is over." –Matt Guevara, INCM, Executive Director

“I liked how the book club pulled kids who didn’t know each other before together, and now we are friends.” –Henry P.


A special letter from a teacher who loves Harry Moon

"Is it possible that I have been an educator for over 20 years? Absolutely shocking. Over those many years, my great challenge has been to dig through the mounds of teaching resources looking for the gem, the truly creative and unique ahah that will awaken my children to the world around them and activate their imaginations. Hardly ever am I rewarded. Until now. I discovered Harry Moon.

My first encounter with Rabbit Publishers and the creative team behind the best-selling Harry Moon Book Series came after I had read the Harry Moon book Wand, Paper, Scissors. It was an impressive read on so many levels. The book itself is beautifully designed with a full color dust jacket and interior cover, poster, and illustrative art that must be seen to be believed. I knew immediately that Harry Moon cares about the kid’s reading experience and has anticipated a child’s relationship with a book - how it is touched, felt, read and opened. Once inside, the story was, well, shocking. I had given up looking for anything this good for my children. With now twenty books published in the Harry Moon franchise (I understand they are going to sixty - be still my heart!), they have produced a timeless, immersive reading experience for tweens that I thought was no longer even possible.

The true beauty of this series lies in the story itself.  A thirteen year old magician named Harry Moon lives in Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts a town that is trapped in Halloween. The evil mayor of the town is embroiled in a wonderfully epic struggle with the eighth-grade Harry as the youngster tries to overcome Sleepy Hollow’s darkness with good. The Great Magician who mentors Harry Moon, the Rabbit who guides, teaches and never leaves Harry and a myriad of unique supporting characters sparkle in every single adventure. Written in thoughtful allegory (think Narnia!), teachers will delight in unlocking the secrets behind each. The characters are wonderfully real, with struggles to do the right thing, to not be afraid of the dark and to DO NO EVIL. They are us. We see ourselves and we wonder how we, too, can light the darkness. 

Harry’s parents struggle with the same things all parents struggle with as well - letting our children go, letting them be who they were created to be and to fly with the wings given them. Harry’s parents, Mary and John Moon show us how to be intentional in teaching them to not only show love, joy, and peace,  even to their enemies, but to actually BE these things.

Unique, creative, and imaginative. A TOTALLY MAGICAL EXPERIENCE. And if that wasn’t enough, The Harry Moon folks went on step further and created The Harry Moon Book Club for kids. Harry Moon Teaching Guides and Imaginator Activators Journals for the kids, all centered around the Harry Moon books and facilitating a book discussion that unlocks the deep magic behind the story. The resources are designed to reinforce the home where these the truths of kindness and goodness are best taught, caught and passed on. I and my teaching teams love this series as much as the kids do! I forgot how reading a great series together with your kids delights my heart as I actually see those ipods and iPhones set aside on the table and a book in their hands and then actually talking together about the story! Priceless and totally so brilliant!

I have recently finished a six week Harry Moon Book Club group – my kids were totally locked in. They loved their Imaginator Activator Journal where they could record their feelings, their imaginings, their struggles and their hopes. They loved our book club meetings together – talking about Harry, Rabbit, good and evil, and their personal struggles with bullies like Titus Kilgore. It was the most engaged and verbal my kids have been in discussion in my twenty years.

Kids are our future. They are perceptive, smart, eager to learn and they deserve imaginative, great books like Harry Moon. As one educator to another, I am grateful to the Harry Moon team for their vision and heart. Keep it up Harry Moon. I can’t wait to read your next adventure – and neither can my kids!

– Brenda Russell, Children and Family Educator, Atlanta, Georgia