Welcome, Finalists!

You represent ten different countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England, Scotland, Serbia, Bosnia, Paraguay and China. And thirty-three U.S. states! You have some wonderful ideas involving ecology, health issues, and social justice. You're finding imaginative ways to do good and are going to be teaching us adults what it looks like to be kind. We can't wait for your Good Mischief videos!    

video guidelines from coach dave

  • Videos should be 60 seconds or less.
  • Please submit the video to Harrymoon.com (click here) by midnight PT, October 23rd.   
  • It’s really easy to upload it. Just follow the instructions on the site.
  • Have your friends, families, or teachers help you!
  • You can star in the video, have others star in the video, or not be in the video at all. It all depends on how you want to do it. You can even let your mom star. Will she take direction? ☺
  • You can be the camera person or you can have a friend do it. It all depends on how you want to make it.
  • The video can be “real” as you actually do your good mischief or you can make it as a re-enactment (more on that below *)
  • You can add music or not. We will also help you find some music. Or you can just hum along in the soundtrack. Or have no humming or music or sound effects. It’s all up to you.
  • Your idea got you into the Finalists, but you can change the idea if you choose and even surprise the people at Harrymoon.com with your new idea. It’s up to you! Just please make sure the new idea holds kindness as well as surprise.
  • You can chose to wear the Harry Moon gear from the Award Box, or use part of it, or none of it…or have someone else wear it, or have no one wear it. It’s up to you.
  • Since Halloween is coming, you might decide it’s fun to dress up in disguise and that is part of your surprise. What we are hoping to get across is to be imaginative with your video – have fun, be bold, be funny if you want, or dramatic if you want.
  • When we say it’s all up to you that simply means put your imagination on the task of making a video.
  • You can spend a minute on it, or almost a month… but the two hard rules are this: Make sure it is a minute or less and upload it by October 23rd.
  • We think the tour of the Geppi Museum is awesome, but part of the game, is having fun while you make your video. Remember to make your video with the audience in your heart. How can you surprise them? How can you make them laugh? How can you get them to get teary-eyed? 
  • Please feel free to use the Finalists Group on Facebook. We will be posting new tips and advice every day to inspire you! If others send in their videos early, we will even post them.
  • As soon as you upload your final video to Harrymoon.com, the voting will begin. Votes will be tallied on the voting website. We will make sure we send you all the links and the #goodmischiefvideo hashtag so that your friends and family and new friends can see your video. This will be so much fun! 
  • If you have any questions or need some help or feedback you can always ask Coach Dave. You can even send him an early version of the video for him to look at. He might have some good pointers. He is simply there to help. When he was your age, the man known as Walt Disney helped him, so now he wants to help you. Pay it forward as some say. You or your parent or caregiver can find him at coach@harrymoon.com  Also, you can chat with your fellow finalists in the group which can be found by your parents on Facebook.
  • Most important guideline of all: Have fun!

*Re-enactment or real? A reenactment is a re-staging or recreation of an earlier event.  We have all seen reenactments of history on television. To enact is to do or make something, and to reenact is to do it again. A reenactment is the action of performing a new version of an old event, usually in a theatrical  or film performance. Maybe you want to make the real a little better, so you re-enact it. For further tips, check out the Finalist Facebook Group.

winners announced on halloween night!

On Halloween Night, the winners of Harry Moon's Good Mischief Contest will be announced. The boy and girl with with the top votes will win an all-expense-paid trip and tour of the world famous Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland for themselves and an adult. Some of the greatest pop culture memorabilia in the world is housed at the museum including the stories of such heroes as Batman, Superman, Ironman and Star Trek. 

harry moon superfans!

When you arrive in Baltimore, you will be welcomed by Caiden, Harry Moon’s #1 Superfan. The three of you will be guided personally by Steve Geppi, the founder of the museum and the Chairman of Diamond Distribution, one of the most prestigious distributor of comic book and graphic novel literature in the world. The author and creator of the Harry Moon and Honey Moon books, Mark Andrew Poe, will personally present both with the first ever Harry Moon Good Mischief’s Hero Award and a Rabbit Publishers press release will be issued declaring both to be Captain and Captana of the 2018 Good Mischief Contest!

Good Luck and Good Mischief to you!